Claim Your LEAG Tokens

If you received tokens for being a team member, contributor, or received discretionary allocations, you will be able to claim 1% of your $LEAG tokens from vesting contracts, every week, for 100 weeks.

**Important: This is not the claim for the LeagueDAO Discord Airdrop. Information about claiming that airdrop will be provided at a later date.

Vesting Contract Address:

LEAG Contract Address:

Your Remaining Vested Tokens:
Available To Claim:
Available To Claim Each Week: LEAG/WEEK

*As soon as you claim, your tokens will be transfered to the connected wallet. Make sure you have added the LEAG token to the wallet.

LEAG Token Claim Instructions:


Press connect wallet on the top of the claim page to connect your wallet.


Make sure you have a sufficient amount of ETH to cover the gas fee.


Click Claim to withrdaw the available to claim amount into the connected wallet.


Confirm the transaction via the connected wallet.