Decentralized, Tokenized, & Shakin’ Up Fantasy Sports

LeagueDAO enables a global community of fans to collectively play, build, and define the future of fantasy gaming.

We’re combining the best of DeFi protocols, play-to-earn gaming, and NFTs to create a web3 fantasy gaming reality where users can own and trade the players on their team and where on-chain scoring is based on real-world stats.

Vibin’ on the Future of Fantasy: the Nomo League


Level up to tokenized Nomo Leagues and you’ll never have to recruit friends or wrangle dues again. Purchase to join the action, and collect rewards through a play-to-earn model that rewards your skill.


LeagueDAO goes beyond digital collectibles, using smart contracts, Oracles, DeFi, and NFTs as in-game assets with real utility. Put your Player Tokens to use in an open week-to-week fantasy league that actually distributes rewards based on real world stats.

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About Us

LeagueDAO is a DAO-first open source project.

LeagueDAO is owned and operated by a community of misfits — degens, nerds, sports fans, and athletes — fed up with old school fantasy sports and motivated to push the boundaries of NFTs and web3 technology. Our members are collectively driving decisions to shape the future of fantasy gaming, from IRL sports to esports and more.


Home Football Scene

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