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Access the 2022 Fantasy Football Mega League by minting a LeaguePass.

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Gain access to LeagueDAO’s 2022 Fantasy Football Mega-League.

You can purchase only one league pass per wallet.


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What is the LeagueDAO Mega League?
The Mega League is LeagueDAO’s decentralized fantasy sports league. You act as the general manager of your team. You will draft a team players, compete against other fantasy owners, and use all your skills to win the championship.

The MegaLeague offers everything you want from Fantasy Sports: direct competition, the thrill of victory, ownership and control of your team, opportunity to earn rewards in DAI and LEAG.
How will the Fantasy Game work?
The Mega League is a season-long Head-to-Head fantasy league.

Each week your team of Player NFTs will face off against an opponent from your division, and the winner is the team with the most points at the conclusion of that week’s games. Teams with the best record will advance to the division playoffs at the end of the season.
What is a League Pass?
LeagueDAO’s fantasy sports signup system, one LeaguePass is redeemable for one entry to the corresponding LeagueDAO fantasy sports league.
Do I have to pay more to draft good players?
No. Unlike some other Web3 fantasy games, you don’t have the shell out more money to get the best players on your team. Once you mint a LeaguePass you are in the league and you don’t have to also pay to draft your players. Each team has the same number of draft picks and we are using a Snake Draft format to ensure there is an equitable distribution of the best players across all of the teams in each division.
How do I redeem my LeaguePass?
Beginning in Mid-August, you will be able redeem your LeaguePass in the Mega League App. You have to redeem your LeaguePass in order to claim your spot in the Mega League.
When do I get my players?
After you redeem your LeaguePass you will be assigned to a division. Each division will have its own player Draft.

Player Drafts take place on our Draft Application and use a snake draft format where team owners take turns drafting players from first to last. However, the order is then reversed in the following round.

All of the Player Drafts will take place on: Draft date/time: Sunday August 28th, 5:00 PM UTC

Once you draft a player, the Player NFT will be transferred to your wallet. During the season you will be able to add free agents from our player marketplace, drop players from your team, and trade players with other teams in your Division.
What can I win?
When you play in the Mega League, you are competing for three tiers of rewards:
Here’s a breakdown of how the rewards are calculated (these numbers are for illustrative purposes and will vary depending on the number of LeaguePasses sold).
• Weekly LEAG token Rewards
• Division Championship Rewards
• End of season MegaLeague Rewards.
• LeaguePasses Sold: 1200
• LeaguePass Price: $300 DAI
• Total Revenue Collected: $360,000

Revenue Disbursement:

• LeagueDAO Treasury: $108,000 DAI (30%)
• Reward Pool: $252,000 DAI (70%)


• Combined Division Champion Rewards: $90,000 ($900 Per Division)
• Mega-League Rewards: $162,000 (45%)

Mega League Rewards Distribution:

• 1st Place- $56,700 (35%)
• 2nd Place- $32,400 (20%)
• 3rd Place- $16,200 (10%)
• 4th Place- $8,100 (5%)
• 5th Place- $8,100 (5%)
• 6th Place- $8,100 (5%)
• 7th Place- $8,100 (5%)
• 8th Place- $8,100 (5%)
• 9th Place.- $8,100 (5%)
• 10th Place- $8,100 (5%)
Who is LeagueDAO?
LeagueDAO is an open source DAO-first project that is leading the development of web3 fantasy sports. Backed by leaders across the web3 ecosystem, LeagueDAO's technology combines DeFi, play-to-earn rewards, and digital collectibles to revolutionize fantasy sports.
I own a Nomo Player Token and/or a CryptoFantasy team what do those have to do with the Mega League?
The Mega League is one of LeagueDAO's 4 different fantasy game models (The Mega League, Nomo Keeper League, CryptoFantasy, and Non-Fungible Brackets). Each game is its own unique protocol. The Nomo Keeper League and CryptoFantasy are entirely separate games and will have their own drops for the 2022 Fantasy Football season. If you would like to play in the 2022 Mega League, you will have to purchase a LeaguePass NFT.
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